Office Contact Information

Phone: 403-547-6633  Fax: 403-547-6634  email:

Emergency contact: 403-464-0627

Office Hours

See main page.

Park Access

Park Hours 9am-9pm

Park access is exclusive to Rocky Ridge Residents. Members are permitted to bring a maximum of 6 guests per household.

The Ranch Centre is located at:
10709 Rocky Ridge Blvd, NW
Calgary, AB
T3G 4G1

Access cards are available at the office.  One card per household re-activated each year upon payment of fees.  $25 to replace a lost card (non-refundable). 

Volunteering Opportunities

All members over 18 are encouraged to volunteer both to help organise and supervise family events throughout the year and also as Directors and/or Associate Members. Please contact or the office for more details.