Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions:

Music for Little Movers and Shakers: Come sing, dance and make music with your child while you meet other local families. We’ll sing songs about winter, snow and Christmas. Children will also be introduced to musical concepts such as dynamics, tempo, beat, rhythm, playing instruments, and moving to music. Taught by a music educator with Level 3 Orff training. Open to children 6 months to 3 years old as activities will be tailored to suit a variety of ages.

Pilates (pronounced pul-lah-teez):  A Pilates workout emphasizes your body’s core – the abdominals, the obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh, butt, and so on. For this reason, Pilates develops much of what exercisers need – strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance and good posture.

50+ Yoga: You are only as old as you feel! Whether you’re 50 or 75, it is never too late to take up yoga. Specially adapted yoga exercises (with the use of a chair) can awaken the body’s power of regeneration, leading to more energy, enhanced physical well-being and a more positive attitude towards life.

Yoga for a Better Back: This class will combine the use of various specialized props, including critical alignment props, and basic yoga asana to increase the mobility, stability and strength of the shoulders, back and hips. There will be a strong focus on the alignment of the spine to create freedom in the shoulders, back and hips. As it is a therapeutic class, it is ideal for everyone and no yoga experience is needed. Classes will include pranayama (guided breathing technique) as well.

Yoga for Mom & Baby: Regain strength, flexibility and stamina as you bond with your baby or toddler in a supportive and welcoming environment. In this flow-style class we will move through specific postures to tone the pelvic floor and strengthen the back and core muscles. We also explore breathing exercises to help you release and relax. You can feel free to hold your baby or toddler, or to have them sit in front of you on a mat. Please, bring a blanket for your kids to sit on and a few favorite toys. Classes are relaxed and move to the beat of your little ones!

Balanced Yoga: This 75 minute class blends the dynamic energy of a flow class to strengthen, stretch, and get the body and mind invigorated. Then moves into stillness with poses that focus on lengthening, elongating, and releasing the fascia to loosening blockage to encourage blood flow and ease throughout the practice. The purpose of this class is to create a sense of unity and balance within the body, mind, and soul.

Gentle Hatha Yoga for Beginners: The class emphasizes stretching, coordination of breath with movement and attention to alignment. The class is designed to create breath awareness, enhance balance, and increase strength & flexibility. The class ends with deep relaxation to help release tension and reduce stress.

Hatha Yoga - All-Levels: In this 90 minute class, you will have a well-rounded practice flowing through postures, and longer holds in asanas (postures) with pranayama (breath work), and a brief meditation. Modifications will be offered, props used, and students are encouraged to individualize their practice while being led in a group setting. Start your day with this class and you’ll notice an immediate difference in your energy levels, alertness, and ability to manage stress throughout your whole day.