New Homeowners

Are you a new homeowner in Rocky Ridge? Are you considering buying a home in the community? Here are a few important points to keep in mind:

ENCUMBRANCE: Not all homes are encumbered to the Home Owners Association. Please ask your real estate agent and/or real estate lawyer if the property you are considering/buying has a legal encumbrance to RRRHA. If so, your property is automatically a member of RRRHA, and the owners are entitled to all member privileges such as park access, member rates on programs and rentals, the ability to join the Board of Directors, and voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. As the encumbrance is legally registered on the land title, there is no opt-out option. If you are looking at buying a property that is not currently encumbered and you wish to become a member, please contact the office.

CHANGE OF LEGAL OWNER: All new owners must provide the office with a copy of the updated Land Title (provided to you after ownership has been registered with the Land Title Registry), which can be dropped off at the office or scanned and emailed in to This is required in order for RRRHA to maintain accurate and current databases that our annual invoices and notices are prepared from. Unless advised by a new owner, RRRHA does not know that a property has changed hands.

ANNUAL HOMEOWNERS FEES: Each year in January, each encumbered property is invoiced for the annual fee of $250.00 + GST (for a total owing of $262.50) that is due on January 31. Unpaid accounts are charged monthly interest at a rate of 2% on the first (1st) of each month beginning February 1, and continuing each month thereafter. Outstanding accounts as of May 31 will be sent to collections as of June 1. Payments can be made at the office, as well as online however if the annual invoice was already issued in the prior owners name the online receipt will have that name on it. Please contact the office to avoid any confusion. 

The annual fees are put towards the operation of the Homeowners Association which includes but may not be limited to:

Year-round maintenance of the Ranch building and amenities - park, wading pool, lake, ice surface, boating equipment, spring and summer planting and upkeep of the 4 corners and entrances, green spaces (including soccer fields, boulevards, ridge park) and snow removal. Although snow removal was impacted this year due to the restrictions imposed by the City of Calgary, our staff ensures that the properties owned by the Ranch are kept clear of snow and ice during the winter. Member functions are held throughout the year at no cost (Easter, Halloween, Christmas parties, Fall Festival) and during the peak seasonal times (summer and winter when there is ice) the park is staffed for safety and operation of the games room. 

Payment of annual fees is required in order to be considered a "member in good standing". Unpaid property accounts will not have access to the park or any other member privileges until such time as the account is brought up to date. 

ACCESS CARD: Each property is assigned one (1) card, that belongs with the property at the time ownership changes. If the card is not left on the property, there are several courses of action available to you. 

1. Contact your real estate lawyer and request that they contact the prior owner to produce the card.

2. Upon presentation of the updated Land Title, a new access card can be purchased for $25.00 at the office.

PARK ACCESS: All members in good standing have access to the Ranch Park and amenities 365 days a year. Access cards must be swiped at the gate, and be presented at the office in order to sign out lake equipment. Please see the Facilities tab for a complete guide to Park Policies, including guest policy, ages requiring supervision and more. 

RENTALS, PROGRAMS and MORE: Please see the individual tabs pertaining to any other information you may be looking for.