Snow Removal


The RRRHA has been required since 2016 to cease and desist from snow clearance by the City of Calgary, which owns all the sidewalks and paths in Rocky Ridge. As such they can only be cleared by a city-appointed sub-contactor with insurance to cover 100% liability. The City does not have sufficient budget to clear all the pathways so RRRHA is paying from its own budget to more than double the number and extent of sidewalks and walk paths which will be cleared by the City contractor (Green Meadows). Please refer to this Snow/Ice Removal Map to see which areas are being cleared. Any uncleared walk path is to be considered closed for the season and should not be used; if pedestrians do use these paths, they should be aware that this is at their own risk. If you have any complaints about snow clearing please convey your feedback to the City at 311.